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CEO and Co-founder




Chris McCullough is CEO and co-founder at smart scheduling company RotaGeek. Prior to founding RotaGeek, Chris worked in the NHS as an A&E doctor. He initially created RotaGeek to help overcome the staffing issues faced by his A&E department, but soon left his job in healthcare to fully commit himself to the company following a wave of interest from a range of industries. Today, RotaGeek works with leading clients such as Dune, O2, and Lola’s cupcakes in the healthcare, leisure, retail and hospitality sectors.
Chris is passionate about empowering the rostered workforce with more flexibility and ownership of their hours. This in turn benefits the employer by making employees more satisfied and motivated. Throughout RotaGeek’s growth, the core motivation of employee satisfaction and flexibility has remained central to the product they offer and the culture of RotaGeek itself.