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Retail Store (Cybertill)


Ian Tomlinson, CEO of Cybertill has been at the forefront of Cloud technology for retail since 2001 when he was the first to conceive and launch Cloud EPoS.
An entrepreneurial businessman whose vision and energy has been instrumental in enabling retailers explore, develop and implement innovative applications within an intelligent Cloud core, to deliver new customer experiences a, migrate to multi-channel retailing and deliver a true omni-experience.
Recognised as a leading expert in the role of Cloud technology for retail and charity markets, Ian is a frequent industry speaker and advisor on the future of retail software. Still firmly playing a customer facing role within Cybertill, Ian Tomlinson’s passion and skills in the practical application of technology to solve retail issues, has continued to lead his interest to further extend Cloud retail platforms to facilitate enhanced levels of customer experience, convenience and choice in the new era of multi-channel shopping and a very changing consumer.
Working alongside national Brands and progressive independent retailers, Ian believes the true opportunity of Cloud has only just begun.