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Head of Collaboration




Dr. Mitra Memarzia is the Head of Collaboration at seeper, a pioneering London-based studio working at the intersection of art and technology with the mission to deliver awe and wonder. Working internationally, with clients and independently, seeper invents and uses technology to create memorable experiences and deepen engagement. Her role is to develop new partnership opportunities and strategies that continue to innovate and explore new horizons.

Formerly Digital Economy Manager at the Knowledge Transfer Network, a consultant at Innovate UK developing strategic partnerships between digital startups and industries, ranging from retailers, publishers, cultural organisations and healthcare. With a background in the arts and a foreground in technology and business development, She has accumulated a multi-faceted approach to developing ideas and products that inspire action. Mitra is on the Board of Trustees for LIFT festival, part of The XD's 'Do Tank' and a frequent speaker at technology & innovation events and conferences.