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Scores of companies from every branch of the retail design, marketing and visual merchandising sectors are already signing up to Retail Design Expo 2018. They are all unanimous in their support for a leading edge, all encompassing show the likes of which they have never experienced before.

It’s a fabulous and unique way to:

  • Meet prospective new customers
  • Meet existing customers to strengthen relationships
  • Meet and do business with fellow exhibitors
  • Launch new products and services
  • Capture new data 
  • Build company or brand awareness
  • Use the show as a platform for other marketing activity
  • Benefit from the show’s extensive marketing campaign


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Every type of company selling to the retail design, visual merchandising and marketing/branding sectors, from the initial design concept right through to the final fit-out or display, should exhibit at Retail Design Expo.

This includes:

  • Research, Trends and Insights Consultancies
  • Visual Merchandising Specialists
  • Furniture and Furnishings Suppliers
  • Shopfitters
  • Point of Purchase/Point of Sale Designers and Manufacturers
  • Signage Suppliers
  • Display Equipment Suppliers
  • Mannequin Suppliers
  • Materials and Surfaces Suppliers
  • Special Effects Suppliers
  • Multisensory specialist and consultants
  • Media Companies
  • Retail Design Consultancies
  • Lighting Manufacturers, Vendors and Designers
  • Lighting Consultancies
  • Flooring Suppliers
  • Christmas VM Suppliers
  • Display Equipment Suppliers
  • Flooring Suppliers
  • Fixtures and Fittings Suppliers
  • In-Store Music and Video Specialists
  • Wall Coverings and Systems Suppliers
  • Fragrance and Aroma Specialists
  • Architectural Services
  • Installation Specialists
  • Graphics/Large Format Print Suppliers


  • Exhibiting
  • Sponsorship opportunities
  • Speaker opportunities
  • Networking/hospitality options
  • Marketing opportunities
  • Involvement in special show features
  • Advertising and sponsored features in the dedicated retail design online magazine and Website – Retail Design World

Contact any one of the team below on +44 (0) 208 874 2728, or drop them an email:

Sarah Adams sarah.adams@reedexpo.co.uk
Michelle Thomas michelle.thomas@reedexpo.co.uk
Chris Cummings chris.cummings@reedexpo.co.uk
Simon Pickles simon.pickles@reedexpo.co.uk
Shubhita Chaturvedi shubhita.chaturvedi@reedexpo.co.uk

There are a lot of people here.  There have been a good mixture of brands and retailers.  We quite like the fact that the technology show is downstairs, because we’re quite technology driven display company and therefore we are also forging conversations with companies downstairs. We’ve seen Asda, John Lewis, Tesco, Marks and Spencer, Bobby Brown, Calvin Klein and Hasbro -  a good mix of multinational, and big global brands.

Scott Morris, Managing Director, DisplayPlan

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  • Testimonial 1

    The Retail Design exhibition is fantastic, for a start it’s around twice the size it was last year; it’s growing all the time. And it’s full of both real physical solutions but also great thought pieces, real innovative thinking, and that’s really what’s attracted me.

    Guy Smith, Head of Design, Arcadia

  • Testimonial 2

    Really good event, you’ll be surprised how many people you know, seen a lot of people I know today and I am sure I’ll continue to do so tomorrow, so yeah, it’s a good event, definitely worth coming down.

    James Swain, Head of Shopper Marketing, Tesco

  • Testimonial 3

    You need events like this to so you can start talking to people within the industry, and just look at the challenges they are facing, the challenges we are facing and just chat and this is a great way of doing that. And also for us its a monstrous big world out there in retail so we want to see what’s new and coming to the market, what we can play with and how we can make it a better experience in the stores that we design.

    Alan Taylor Head of Retail Design, B&Q

  • Testimonial 4

    I was very excited to come here actually, to see if I could get new inspiration and I think already from what I saw yesterday, I have already got new inspiration into some new shop designs and also some of the new digital signage systems that I have never seen before and I saw for the first time yesterday here at the event. So that has actually made me very positive.

    Thomas Just Rasmussen, Chief Operating Officer, Intersport Group Denmark

  • Testimonial 5

    I came to learn, learn and learn a bit more. I think the thing I most loved about this place is the breadth of solutions. There’s widgets, there’s gadgets, there’s things. But, more importantly, there’s ideas, there’s thinking, there’s nice, intuitive thought pieces. I’m really genuinely surprised by the size of the show – around twice the size of last year. We’re always on the search for new suppliers.

    Guy Smith, Head of Design, Arcadia

Exhibitor Testimonials Slider

  • Testimonial 1

    For Shopworks RDE 2016 has gone very well. We have been impressed with the calibre of exhibitors and the quality of attendance, particularly as we have met a lot more retailers this year. We’ve had a lot of positive feedback from visitors suggesting that RDE 2016 feels a lot more exciting this year and almost everybody we have spoken to said they will be back next year, as will Shopworks. I was privileged to be part of the impressive seminar programme, talking through the latest forecourt convenience formats with Shell’s UK convenience manager retail, Will Green. The talk was very well attended, with good feedback and interaction from the audience.

    Craig Phillipson, Founder and Managing Director of Shopworks

  • Testimonial 2

    I think it has been an excellent show. Green Room is really proud to be supporting the British retail industry for a second year – we came last year and it was a good start for us. We’ve invested a lot more this year and produced a much bigger and better stand, and we’ve seen some great people from brands and retailers. We’ve been involved in the awards, in speaking in the seminar programme, and it has all really helped us raise our profile. We are just really excited about how that is going to translate into helping Green Room grown its business.

    Richard Ash, Founder and CEO of Green Room

  • Testimonial 3

    We’ve had 15 to 20 really good enquiries, we’ve also had seven or eight existing clients come on to the stand, so overall that’s been really positive. They have also been clients that have a lot of major projects in development, in the UK and globally – in Russia, France and elsewhere. From people we first met at last year’s show we have projects that are about to go live very shortly, so they have been a year in the pipeline. And we’ve met lots of potential collaborators and suppliers among the other exhibitors too.

    Doug Barber, founder and CEO Barber Design

  • Testimonial 4

    I think the volume is probably slightly down on last year, but the quality has certainly been retained, or is probably even better. I’m very happy, because for me it’s not about volume… we didn’t set any major targets before we arrived, but there have been at least 20 well known, worldwide brands on the stand. For most of the second afternoon we’ve had Boots and Samsung sitting on our stand. It’s about having a presence here.

    Mike Houghton, Marketing Director CJ Retail Solutions

  • Testimonial 5

    It has also been a good showcase for existing clients as well… to be able to sit an existing client down, as busy as they are, in one place where you can show everything you have got – this is an ideal venue for that.

    Chris Langford, CEO at CJ

We were here last year.  It was a very good show for us.  The feeling this year is that it’s a bigger show, a better show.  The visitors we’ve had through seem to be very focussed with a lot of live projects which is always exciting.  We’ve seen some facility managers, brand managers, managing directors, shop fitters and design companies.  Generally the people here seem to be the people who can make the decisions, which is great. We’ve had River Island, we’ve had Pavers, who are a York based shoe company and a couple of the big supermarkets already.

Gary Baker, Managing Director, CD (UK) Ltd - Corian

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