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Exhibitor Testimonials

If you want to know more about how to get involved in Retail Design Expo 2018 contact the sales team on +44 (0) 20 8874 2728 or email info@retaildesignexpo.com

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An opportunity to meet new brands and make contact with existing customers and also to meet other potential contacts, you never quite know who are in the industry working alongside. Retail Design Expo proves to be a fantastic show, a dynamic show, there’s a lot of interesting activity with all the industry professionals under one roof.

David John, Creative Director, Signwaves

“It’s a good opportunity, it’s fold for us, one is to meet our existing customer base who are here year in year out, so to catch up with them in a central point, but also to meet new companies, so new people we can do business with and look to promote our products to.”

“RDE is great for that central meeting point, for customers and new business all under one roof across two days. I don’t think there will be another platform to be able to meet so many people within a short space of time. Busy!”

Michael Trevethan, Marketing Manager, Leach

It’s been a pleasure to be the 2017 sponsor of the Champagne Bar at Retail Design Expo. Not only did we enjoy the buzz of hosting a busy networking area but we met some great new contacts at the event too!

Sarah Davis, Marketing Director, SMP Group

Retail Design Expo continues to be the leading exhibition for SDEA and our members.  So far feedback has been outstanding from our members who exhibited, including some who were already quoting for projects generated from visitors to their stands during the show.

Antony Behiels, director, Shop and Display Equipment Association 

“We’ve always used Retail Design Expo as a networking event rather than new business, but we’ve had some interesting conversations already and it only takes one convert to pay for the stand. We’ve got a new look to the stand this year -  we’re trying to make it a bit easier to make people come onto the stand and have an area that’s a bit more casual.  We’re hoping to meet a lot of people that we’ve set meetings up with already,”

Rob Gleave, Managing Director, Momentum Instore

Retail Design Expo is without doubt the market place to do twelve months worth of positive networking in the two days the show is open for business. Retail continues to push the boundaries of design and interior fit out and collaboration is the key word at this event to ensure those boundaries continue to be challenged.

Robert Hudson, NAS

"We’re searching for retail shop designers who want to create very new concepts in flagship stores and so far we’ve met people like that. Our product is about how to attract people into stores and how to entertain people in the stores so it’s a good sign that we able to attract and entertain people at this show,”

Lukáš Brus, CEO, Lumitrix

“We’re very happy to be here at RDE, meeting new partners for the retail industry and beyond.”

Russell Cameron, Director & Co-Founder, Innermost

“It’s great to be here at Retail Design Expo, I visited the show last year and thought it was good enough to come back as an exhibitor. It’s a great event to meet people like architects, designers, clients and end users and to meet potential new clients that we’re going to work with in the future.”

“I’d really recommend the Retail Design Expo to anybody who works in the retail industry. If you’re an architect, a designer, signage manufacturer or any sort of supplier in all the retail industry, I’d really recommend this show for you to come to.”

Alastair Chambers, Marketing Executive, McCue Crafted Fit

“With its increasing popularity we’ve decided to come this year with some of our latest technologies and it’s proving very successful. It’s being able to put yourself in the forum to discuss the important issues that are in the industry, really that’s it. People want to know how they’re best going to connect with their customers, how they’re going to be able to engage with shoppers when they walk into their stores and deal with their brands.”

Brian Hooker, Senior Account Manager, Arno

This is our second year attending Retail Design Expo. We attended last year and we were very pleased with the benefits that it gave to our company. We seem to meet the right key decision makers; people that we want to be talking to.

We’re pleased with the people we’ve reached out and made contact with. We’re excited about who else we might be meeting, what kind of leads and enquiries we’ll get to follow up and projects will come from it.

Retail Design Expo has been a great event for us I think mainly because of the networking opportunities, and it’s all the professionals from the designers, the installers, the material manufacturers all in one roof and being available for the key decisions makers to come and see us.

Martin Saxby, Northern European Country Manager, LG Hausys

We love being part of this. We get the opportunity to present when we have good case studies and we find it a really engaging way of touching base with clients and colleagues and customers.

It’s quite exciting here, there seems to be a lot more happening, there’s so much going on, it’s a great experience.

Jim Thompson, Managing Director, 20.20

The show has been very good. Very busy and a very diverse crowd of either brands, designers, shop fitters, contractors, very interesting. We have been meeting big names, big retailers. A lot of brands and manufacturers are showcasing very inspirational things.

Mathilde Fremont, Specification Manager UK, Ober

We wanted to showcase exactly what we’re capable of in this arena, we thought it was a really good opportunity to demonstrate some of the technologies that we’re using, demonstrate some of the creative thinking that we have. To get in front of our existing clients and hopefully potential clients.

We have had some great conversations, really from the very start to the finish with the right retailers at the right level. Good quality conversations which has made it a really successful show for us.

I think visitors should come to RDE because firstly it’s a great show. It’s one of the expos where I’ve been really really impressed with the quality of exhibitors here as well as the quality of visitors so I think it’s a show that you can come to to get solutions to business challenges, ideas, inspiration. It’s a great place.

Ben Taylor, Retail Experience Director, TRO          

Retail Design Expo enables us to showcase our latest innovations. That’s why we’re here, basically to reach out to our clients and maximise our exposure and help solve problems really within the retail industry.

Andy Baxter, Business Development Director, Impact

We’ve had some really good leads, some really good brands come on and asked about our products. There’s a huge variety for visitors. There’s lots of things on show here, not just solid surface but all kinds of things for the retail environment, everything that you’d need for shop fitting and that kind of thing. There’s lots of talks, informative!

Leisa Marr, Head of Marketing, CDUK

Retail Design Expo is one of the most prestigious shows, It’s really important to stay up to date and understand really what’s going on in the world of retail and so by coming down here, seeing what people are doing, talking to people and just even eavesdrop in conversations you can pick up on small things that then essentially help your business.

Brian Hooker, Senior Account Manager, Arno

For me it’s a perfect blend of technology and shop fitting as well and innovation, and light obviously. So those four together for us is the perfect place to be because that’s where, actually where we want to play as Philips Lighting as well to really enable retailers to use technology to improve the customer experience.

Gerben Vanderlig, Indoor Positioning & Location Services, Philips Lighting

As it was our first experience of this world we didn’t set any hard targets because we didn’t know what to expect, but from every way I look at it, it is all very positive: from helping to galvanise our own team, to networking, to meeting new clients and to reminding existing clients what we do. I was amazed how powerful the theatre content was… and by how engaged audiences were."

 Ian Johnston, Founder, Quinine

“Retail Design Expo 2017 gave us a fantastic opportunity to engage directly with some of the world’s biggest brands and retailers. To be able to understand their challenges face-to-face, and offer solutions, is invaluable; having a presence at the show provides a forum where current and potential clients feel open to exploring new idea.”

Adam Paget, Head of UK and Ireland Sales, Contra Vision

“Retail Design Expo is not only a great event, with many discussions and countless talks, but the location, Olympia, is fantastic too, with excellent rail links nearby. With ease, McCue can travel from Northern Ireland and engage directly with some of the world’s top architects, designers and retailers as well as key players within the supply chain, all at one event.” 

Alastair Chambers, Director, McCue Crafted Fit

“Exhibiting brings a new dimension to the event, as we have found that having a physical space to meet and exhibit pictures and projects has really paid off for the company. On the ‘retail calendar’, this one is not to be missed.” 

Alastair Chambers, Director, McCue Crafted Fit

“Retail Design Expo 2017 was a great show, highly focused which meant we generated good quality, relevant leads for our products in a growing sector.  As such, we’re looking forward to another successful show next year.”

Sabine Mané, Marketing and Ecommerce Manager, International Decorative Surfaces.

“We had a great two days exhibiting at this year’s Retail Design Expo. It’s the perfect platform for us to meet up with existing customers and new ones too, to discuss our own products in more detail and dispense samples from our popular pick ‘n’ mix stand which was overflowing with our in-house manufactured point of sale accessories. We get real satisfaction from seeing people’s reaction to our products and the crowds at Retail Design Expo allowed us to get plenty of products into their hands.”

Helen Davidson, Marketing Assistant, Alplas

“This year’s RDE show was really positive for us. Not only did we generate a record number of leads, the quality of leads and people we were speaking to had also improved”.

Michael Trevethan, Marketing Manager, Leach Impact

“Retail Design Expo provided an excellent platform to showcase the latest innovations in retail. It was interesting to see plenty of discussion around in-store digital possibilities, and how retailers and brands are engaging with the consumer more than ever. The technology angle provided a real talking point, which was mainly focused around recommending and supplying hardware, creating content, managing software and content updates, collecting and distributing data, and how all of this can ultimately shape the future of in-store campaigns and brand development, being co-located with RBTE was a major benefit. It also appears that retailers and brands are now more actively seeking technology partnerships in order to develop ideas and drive their respective businesses forward. There’s undoubtedly a real appetite for new ways of thinking which can only benefit the retail sector."

Jane Ball, Marketing Manager, CJ Retail Solutions

“While competition in the retail lighting sector is fierce, the number of visitors to the Illuma Retail Design Expo stand was incredible - especially considering it was only Illuma's second year at the show. We're constantly looking for new shows to exhibit at. Not only do we enjoy exhibiting, we love meeting our customers face-to-face from all kinds of industries, all over the world. Retail lighting is something Illuma is renowned for and have been for well over 38 years. All in all this was the perfect show for us to showcase some of our latest retail lighting solutions to all involved in the retail industry."

Lewis Hearne, Marketing Manager, Illuma Lighting

“We have had great results from this year's show, as we took the opportunity to re-introduce one of our key brands, Mirri, and its capabilities. Conversation was flowing with key buyers from high street retailers and design agencies alike and we revelled in the chance to really inform visitors of the opportunities of bespoke print finishing. We will continue that message next year that anything is possible with a bit of imagination, and are excited to see where retail is in 2018 in terms of brands being bold and finding new ways to engage customers, across their Omni-channel experiences.”

Richard Pinkney, Business Development Director, Celloglas

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