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Computer Hardware Design SIA - Rendered on: 15/02/2019 21:30:01

All In One POS System CHD87X0 Back


CHD 87x0 series hardware destined to be either POS Terminal or Panel PC, casts modern existence for its 15” true flat touch panel and streamlining shape. No matter which role it plays, CHD 8780 was born with a fanless system without boring noise that makes it perfectly fit to a variety of locations. In case it is placed in harsh environment, CHD 87x0 series incorporates die casting technology to its stand so as to give carefree utilization. • Competitive cost model • High-performance models with Intel® CPU Braswell Celeron N3160 • Slim housing & compact footprint design • Stylish modern design • Fanless • Robust Aluminum Alloy (die-casting) housing and stand • Easy maintenance-Quickly disassembly of POS terminal and stand • Various POS peripherals for all requirements • IP65 protection for front panel housing

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