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10.1 Digital Menu Board Back

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Exceptional 3D Inc


Exceptional 3D Android 10.1 inch tablet has a 10-point capacitive touch screen is designed to help retailers enhance their customer experience and drive sales efficiency through a point-of-service (POS) and point-of-information (POI) platform that is portable, intuitive, reliable and secure. It is the perfect answer for ‘arms length’ 3D digital signage solutions. Now, any vertical market that requires digital signage at close proximity, can benefit from our cutting-edge 3D technology, ideal for POS, Shelf-Talkers, Digital Menus or any counter-top applications.

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AV Integrator | Content Creator | Kiosks | LED Signage | Networks and connectivity | Screen Manufacturer | Solutions Provider | Wayfinding Solutions


10.1 Digital Menu Board 10.1 Digital Menu Board

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