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We know how difficult it can be to keep track of everything in your retail estate. Having a detailed understanding of all your collateral, that includes fixtures, fittings, shelving and stock, can seem overwhelming. By tagging instore collateral with unique numbers and barcodes we can collect data on a store by store basis, detailing anything from stand size to maintenance history on that particular piece of kit. Giving our clients the ability to not only to track their items, but allocate accurately against CapEx budgets. Whatever the size of your estate, we believe that Retail Asset Tracking is an integral part to effectively managing your whole portfolio. That’s why we have specifically developed a mobile app which manages this asset tracking process. Our service includes: •Barcode Tagging of Instore Collateral •Tracking of Store Maintenance History •Project Management •Collation & Management of Store Data •Digital Photography •Complete Online Asset Registry

Product Categories:

Digital screens / signage | Furniture, Furnishings and Fixtures (including display cases, storage, etc) | In-store media, music, video, special effects and aromas | Non-digital signage, graphics, large format print | Point of Sales / Point of Purchase (includes permanent and semi-permanent plus kiosks) | Research / Insights / Trend Consultancies | Visual Merchandising, displays, mannequins


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