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Visitor Testimonials

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RDE is really important to the industry, I think it’s the coming together of all different suppliers that run across different materials and aspects of any business from digital to flooring. So it’s really integral to come to these types of events, so you know where the business, your business, can go in terms of material usage and supply base. It’s also nice to re-engage with other competitors and suppliers you may not have seen for some time and see what they’re doing, so it’s really important, it’s good to socialise back into the industry!

Jacqueline Taylor, Display & Visual Production Manager, Diesel

This is a great event because it’s the time when everyone gets together under one roof so it’s really amazing to meet all your suppliers and see new things as well and also meet with other people in the industry to really discuss and get ideas and fuel for challenging yourself.

Ian Dorsett, Creative Manager - Windows, Debenhams

You need events like this to so you can start talking to people within the industry, and just look at the challenges they are facing, the challenges we are facing and just chat and this is a great way of doing that. And also for us its a monstrous big world out there in retail so we want to see what’s new and coming to the market, what we can play with and how we can make it a better experience in the stores that we design.

Alan Taylor Head of Retail Design, B&Q

So I think events like this are always really important in terms of giving all sorts of different businesses on opportunity to come out, either to work with or to meet with existing suppliers but most importantly to give them an opportunity to just challenge their thinking, see some new things and hopefully get some ideas of to how they can develop and grow there business.

I think there is lots of really interesting and innovative stuff to look at, and so I would really encourage people to just come and have a look and see for themselves.

Chris Annetts, Commercial Passenger Services Director, Heathrow Airport

The more events that we have like this, the more equity we can build in the visual merchandising brand. I think that’s really important, so it’s great that we’re having it to talk to other people and be inspired which is really helpful.

Charlie Parsons, Global Visual Merchandising Manager, M&S

I think an event like RDE is incredibly important. I think it allows people to learn and it allows us to showcase things that we’ve done. It also allows me to learn from others whether that’s successes or failures. It also allows us to look around to see what’s actually out there, which is always useful for hints and tips and inspiration!

Paula Rowntree, Head of Branch Formats & Design, Lloyds Banking Group

I came to learn, learn and learn a bit more. I think the thing I most loved about this place is the breadth of solutions. There’s widgets, there’s gadgets, there’s things. But, more importantly, there’s ideas, there’s thinking, there’s nice, intuitive thought pieces. I’m really genuinely surprised by the size of the show – around twice the size of last year. We’re always on the search for new suppliers.

Guy Smith, Head of Design, Arcadia

I think people should come to RDE because there’s so many different facets to what makes up retail and you’ll find that all under one roof here at the show.

Paul Wilkins, Head of Creative Services, Space NK

So RDE is, amazing! I think it’s great in terms of opportunity; I’m already starting to feel very inspired. I think it’s brilliant, a really good opportunity to network, showcase, know what’s going on, stay on the pulse of what’s happening in the world - it’s brilliant.

The more we can get in a condensed amount of time the better, obviously time is so precious, so I think the variety really helps to attract so many different people. I can come here with all different parts of my team and we will all be fulfilled. The variety is really good.

Jade Swaby, Creative Design Manger, KFC

Because it’s our own industry, so I come see all the people of all the aspects of the industry so that we can mix together and share ideas. ‘I think it’s great to hear what the other guys have got to say as well and it focuses my mind on some of the key issues and some of the key questions that are going on. It’s great from a networking perspective. It’s a great place to see a lot of people in one place and a lot of different ideas and a good chance to network with colleagues who do a similar job to me in different companies and in different retailers, different suppliers.

Ali Waite, Merchandising Controller, PepsiCo

You get to see new innovation within the retail industry, new designs, and you can actually see what the competition is doing, while meeting up with potential clients or potential producers and manufacturers.

Lawrence, Concept Designer, Tommy Hilfiger

I really enjoy coming here, it’s a good mix of different companies showing different, new materials and different ideas. You get inspired, you meet new people, with potential to collaborate and meet potential colleagues. It’s just a great way to network and to educate yourself with what’s happening in retail over the next few years.

Joanna Quinn, Group Visual Creative Manager, JD Sports

The main one for my visit it just to see new things. So within development we just want to try new things, new fixtures, new fittings, all the things that will get the customer into the store.

Joy Holmes, Development Merchandising Manager, Boots UK

RDE is very important for us to get that message across, when we’re taking about partnerships we need to make contact with the people who are going to be our partners and exhibitions and shows like this allow us to forge some of those partnerships.

Iain Trent, Engineering Director, Land Securities

It’s better to come and touch things, see things, talk to the people. If you’re getting ideas for a store, there is so much choice and there’s seminars that are informative. There’s lots of information at your fingertips in one place.

Lynne Jeavons-Fellows, Co Founder, The Maple Food Company

RDE for me and my entire team, that have been here over the last two days, it’s just a real chance to connect with people and talk about the same frustrations we have whether it’s in B&Q or whether it’s in any company. The way that retail is changing and the pace that retail is changing, you have to have that connection with people in the industry; it’s absolutely key for us.

What I like about RDE is not just a trade show it’s actually the seminars that are run throughout the two days are really inspiring, really thought provoking and you get to hear from some of the real industry experts and it’s just priceless.

Alan Taylor, Head of Retail Design, B&Q

It’s a great expo it’s a chance to get out of the office, to take a step away from the day job and to see innovation and what’s going on in the world of retail.

Jessica Waters, Director of Customer Experience, Maplin

Obviously the speakers are a key reason for coming; and to see some of the new innovative stuff coming up, and engage with some of the networking with some people that I may have not seen in some time. I really enjoy it. I think it’s a good opportunity to see what’s out there, to see what’s coming up, to see what other things are going on in the industry and I think it’s a great place to see people that maybe you’ve not seen for some time, whether it’s agencies or brands or current Tesco employees.

James Swain, Lead Shopper Marketing Manager, Tesco PLC

You can come to the seminars and listen to what people are saying and see what the trends are. In a way you get a bit of both worlds, you get the conferences and you’re getting a showcase, you’re getting a place to see what’s going on. I think it’s a good way for people to meet up and chat.   It provokes conversation; it provokes ideas and that’s a great thing.

David Blakeney, Director of Store Development, House of Fraser

I’ve come to have a look and see what’s innovative, what’s new, maybe different suppliers I haven’t thought of in the past, and new ideas for innovating in-store.Retail Design Expo gives you a good opportunity to talk to people in retail display as well as technology, and getting some specialists in the same room at the same time, which is always difficult to do.

Nick Widdowson, Merchandising & Creative Controller, Unilever

 People should come to RDE because there’s a whole host of different products and specialists available for you to come and learn about. New products, innovative products, it’s not a sales pitch, it’s learning about it and how to find out more. It’s been really valuable for me and it could be for you too.

Phil Burch, Sustainable Development Manager, John Lewis Partnership

The show has been brilliant, it’s been very informative, I’ve been to lots of talks which have been incredible. It’s really interesting to learn a lot in a very short space of time.

People should come to this show to learn new techniques, innovation with design, learn what customers want, keep up to date and look to the future.

Nikki, Director, Nikki P London

What do I think of the retail design expo as a whole? I think it’s fantastic. It’s great that everything’s all under one roof and that you can have a one-stop-shop, and come and see all the different companies that are here and listen to the talks and get involved for the day, if you want to.

Phil Whittle, Head of Store Operations, Schuh Ltd

It’s great to have been part of RDE, I’ve seen it grow, I’ve seen it become more relevant. It’s great to have something that is linked with the technology show as well and digital. It’s really good for the industry! it’s good for retail design businesses to have a forum to talk to their customers and to share new ideas and the latest in design thinking.

Matt Lyons, Director, Matt Lyons Consulting

For me it’s always kind of really exciting to see the new technologies and then the ways that people are applying that, and then as you look at the design area as well the kind of future facing opportunities we’ve got of transforming the retail experience. The best discussion I think has been one around the customer, you know, the real person that goes shopping. I think we have a tendency to think about technology. We have a tendency to look at all the design work and get really excited about it, but kind of forget it’s a real person that’s going to shop in this environment.

Simon Hathaway, President & Global Chief Retail Officer, Cheil

As an airport operator, we work really closely with a large number of different retail partners, but actually this is a great opportunity to just come and look from a broader industry perspective about what’s going on and hopefully to give us some new ideas that we can then work and challenge our existing business partners to challenge our collective thinking and move our proposition at the airport on.

Chris Annetts, Director of Commercial Passenger Services, Heathrow

I am amazed by the size and the quality of this event and I really appreciated this matching together different domains like technologies, retail design, digital signage, marketing and I think this kind of event is really contemporary, because we need to mix all these domains and especially all those skills.

Giovanni Flore, Global Digital Signage Project Manager, Benetton Group

Visitor Testimonials

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